Resort Grounds

The “Mango Gardens” located below the Hotel is set on three beautiful levels for outdoor relaxation and functions with a capacity for over 1,000 people. The Mango Gardens are served by a ‘Nyama Choma’ barbeque kitchen and bar.

Recreation Park

The recreation park currently has a children’s park with bouncing castles, swings, slides, merry-go-round, trampolines, train, see-saws etc and offers face painting and other children’s entertainment.

Swimming Pool Complex

A swimming pool complex comprising of an adult pool 20 metres long by 8 metres wide and a baby pool size 8 metres long and 4 metres wide is located on the right side as you enter the hotel with ample seating space. There is also a building housing changing rooms, a snack bar and kitchen on the ground floor and an open sitting place at the roof top. This facility will be expanded to include a gymnasium and spa on the first floor.

Picnic Site

The picnic site has a gently sloping nature trail with winding paths and starts off the “Scenic Gardens” and extends all the way down to the Karemenu River. There are beautifully landscaped gardens in the picnic site for relaxing and camping as you enjoy nature at its best. The site is popular for wedding photo shoots, filming and music video recordings, and barbeque/koroga and related team building activities. At the lower edge of the picnic site are cliffs which go up to 40 feet high, ideal for team building activities and rock climbing for the adventurous visitors.

Cultural Heritage & Nature

The Kikuyu Cultural shrine is located just above the cliffs under a “Mugumo” (fig) tree and has been used by the local community for hundreds of years to conduct cultural ceremonies. A function area has been created around the shrine for over 200 people. The picnic site has some of the famous “Mau Mau” caves along the cliffs where Kenya’s freedom fighters used to live during the emergency period for the fight of Kenya’s independence. The caves stretch over 1 km upstream along the cliffs.

The Karibaribi stream, from which the area derives its name, runs along the lower boundary of the resort on the eastern side and terminates into a magnificent pond at the base of the gigantic roots of a timeless “Mukuyu” tree. A sit-down at the “Karemenu Gardens” with the soothing sounds of the gently flowing Karemenu River waters in the background is an experience to behold and is the launch pad for team building activities. The “Karemenu Gardens” offers a unique site for wedding photo sessions and video shoots.



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